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Not only do we rent out containers for your storage needs but we also sell a wide range of storage containers and site cabins.

 Sizes and prices of the storage containers vary depending on what  you're looking for. 

 Here are some of the sizes we can  provide in length:

 • 5ft

 • 8ft

 • 20ft x 8ft x 8ft


 Contact our experts for any

enquiries at: 01246 567909

Storage Container
and Site Cabin Sales

Site Cabins

HIAB Transport for
Storage Units and Site Cabins

If any of this sounds like what

you're looking for, press the

button below to give us a call.

What is a Site Cabin?

Site cabins are portable buildings that make great offices on construction sites. These facilities allow workers to recuperate when tired and avoid bad weather.

Why are Site Cabins Important?

Site cabins are a legal requirement to have on work sites. This is so that anyone working on the construction site has basic hygiene, rest and privacy. This is even more important if the workers are needing to eat or sleep on the site.

to see the inside of
some available cabin sites.

Whittington Moor Chesterfield and Beighton Sheffield Sites

Renting Storage Units 

Storage units are also available to rent out in various

sizes to help you store any items you own.

HIAB vehicles are a combination of a truck, lorry and crane.

These can be provided to help transport your purchased storage container or site cabin to its destination.

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