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Inside the Containers

The containers that are for sale all vary in shape and size.

Take a look see if any of these are the type of thing you're needing.

Something like this will add a more private and hygenic aspect to your work site.

Planning, Management and Visitor Accomodation

Site cabins and an excellent space to be used as an office for project managers, engineers and other administrative staff that may be involved.

They also provide a professional space to meet with clients, stakeholders and visitors.

Not only that but the site cabins provide shelter from harsh weather if necessary.

Storage and Communication

Cabin sites are a great place for storing tools, equipment and materials that are needed on the site. They're also perfect for storing documents or any sensitive information. This will prevent the chances of theft or damage from bad weather.

Site cabins can act as a central point of communication with telephones, computers or other communication devices meaning you would have easy access communicating with team members or off site personal.

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